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This in life goes up and down, it with great sadness that I write this blog entry, Chaos, my friend and the maker of the coolest guns in SL. Will be with us way to little in the future. Real life have giver her problems that are way to big and she sadly has to spend less time in SL. She will come by now and then and say hi, but her time will be to limited. As last thing she was able to get a new version of the Dual FN Five-Sevens. The new holsters are so good looking, the new functions works so well. I'm so impressed by this piece of armoury. I got my requests for better photos in and so many other good changes. Way to go Chaos, you are the best!

Get your copy at her slx page or in one of the in game stores.

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chrome said...

Chaos is really the best arms maker - and a great friend. I am missing her a lot and I am always happy when i get a short IM from her. Please come back soon!!!