Party time

What a nice party, thank you all 35 guests that showed up during the evening. It was really fun to have you all over, Arti did a really good job, and I can reveal that our next party will be something out of the ordinary. But what that will be you will have to wait to see. For the first time ever my dance ball was to small, and we had to fix a new one. Next time the bid one will have the good dances.

Well thanks again all for showing up and there will soon be something more spectacular to look forward to.


vint said...

Geeh! And I wasn't even invited! Hmmm. :D

PS. You girls missed our blogmeet?

Nadine Nozaki said...

Vint I sure I sent you an note card with the invitation. But that probably got eaten by a SL bug. I would have loved to have you over, I'll make sure that you get an invitation to the next party, if i so have to get down and post it on your screen.

vint said...

Stupid bug. :(

And just IM me? (although those get capped off sometimes too)

Nadine Nozaki said...

I will next time. I promise and fill you inbox as well.