Please read and think about...

Please read and think about what Vint is posting in her blog, my self I can't make up my mind about this. Three is also a long discussion about this on the official second life blog. I tend to think that two grown up can do what ever they like in there own bedroom (even a virtual one) with out anyone else should judge them. And that all rules and laws of first life can't apply to a virtual life. I would not like to go to jail for all the duellist I killed on Samurai Island, and do I need a hunting license for goblins?

I personally can't understand anyone age playing, or all the girls playing slaves, but I still don't like them totality banned. I must admit that I sometimes felt like orbiting some or the slaves, and there masters. And any child play I have never come across, I have meet some people playing kinds nice. I must add that that add much to the feeling in the RP sims, so please don't stop the possibility for avatars to look and play like kids for this.

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vint said...

My point exactly... I've seen some strange things on the grid, but child avies having or offering sex? Nevvah! ;) So it's something rather rare that - yet again - got blown up termendiously. :(