RezzDay Party Thanks....

It was a great party, My R2D2 registered 55 of you coming there and I was IM and chat spammed for more than two hours. The list might miss a few as sensors in SL max out at the 16 nearest avatars and for most of the party we was about 35 in the sim.
This is the list as the party ended with a short note form me on each for you.
What make the order in the list I have no idea about.

  1. Balp Allen - Our great DJ for the night.
  2. Xerxis Rodenberger - My girl, there supporting me all night
  3. Kaneda Sideways - A true malkavian brother
  4. Lag Dagger - Malkavian sister
  5. Alux Burton - Welcome back to the malks
  6. Lavinia Liebling - Alux and Matz dauther and my goddauther
  7. Bones Okelli - Wife if Jill and my prospect
  8. Apmel Goosson - A Great swedish friend, not roleplayer
  9. Katerina Morgwain - One more of the malk sisters
  10. Jillian Ireman - My latest chylde
  11. Karoline Merlin - My old CCS mentor and way to busy always
  12. Vince Fargis - Long time malkavian brothet and finally back again
  13. Michiel Whitfield - Old time friend and special guy.
  14. Yannis Martynov - Malkian sire and brother
  15. Erosid Dryke - The one and only MPD attack dog :-)
  16. Sapphire Saiman - Longtime friend, and a super sweet girl
  17. tabula Ducrot - Roleplay friend most in seven sins
  18. Daarc Dagger - Manager at Carnage, WooT
  19. yaniv Shepherd - My grandchylde, be carefull...
  20. Joni Vargas - Goddess from Blacklist
  21. Lizzy Foxtrot - Roleplayer mainly from Crossroads
  22. Johnne Benelli - Long time friend, and customer
  23. Michel Morane - The crazy demon of cola, one of my favourite hunting partners
  24. Tyson Darwin - One more of the malk brothers :)
  25. Roxette Wise - Super party babe, she comes to almost all parting I do.
  26. Osiris Pfalz - Also a great party girl, never far from Roxette
  27. Dany Desideri - My sweet Malk sister, one of the few that can fight me in number of chyldes
  28. Skye Hanfoi - An other sweet malkaian sister
  29. CodeBastard Redgrave - My sweet codie
  30. Cory Sodertelge - One more form the swedish party gang.
  31. Luci Ferraris - One more of the crossroads girls
  32. ZZR1101 Skall - Long time friend a lovely robot
  33. Jenna Thurston - Party friend from backlist, Missed you rezzing I feel so bad.
  34. Independence Shippe - Malks brother sort of, I get you fixed hun...
  35. Hyang Zhao - Miss Blacklisted to me....
  36. Issy Romano - The better part of Hyang :-)
  37. Gabby Panacek - The sweetesy girl and partner to Codie
  38. Kepi Hyun - Carnage Girl, she been with me as staff there forever
  39. Damien Wilder - Carnage DJ and great guy
  40. JetFire Tran - Very old time friend.
  41. Mazt Mazi - Welcome back Mazt, Swedish Malk
  42. Bobcatt Nielson - Old time crazy furry, or what it is today
  43. Fortunis Darkfold - Friend of Michel from Cola, first time a saw her, sound like a great girl.
  44. Mangala Taurog - The first time i saw her walk into Dark Angels my heart stopped, and still does...
  45. DjNight Fhang - DJ, Malkavian DJ and brother
  46. Remi Messmer - My Jeffrey neighbour, he have to live with my parties.
  47. ElLobo Nephilim - My first girl... She killed RL to come...
  48. Viola Gemini - Blacklisted super babe.
  49. Chalice Yao - The purple....
  50. PetGirl Bergman - PG, she make me feel like a n00b, She knows all about SL and more....
  51. Raul Crimson - They guy that will turn me gay....
  52. Erinyse Planer - One of the great girls behind Dark Moon, now in cola...
  53. Selena Daehlie - Miss Sele from Blacklist :-)
  54. Sjofin Oh - Maybe the best DJ in SL.....
  55. Asturias Nightfire - More of the blacklist girls!!!

And I'm sure someone is missed, Sorry about that and all i missed to say Hi to sorry it was heretical....

Update, Apmel posted many images from the party. The title is, Nadines rezzday party gives kinky dreams.


Lennart Nilsson said...

Thx Nadine.. but your link to my blog doesn´t work :-((


Lennart Nilsson said...

Oh..and here I have a lot of nice pictures from your rezzparty!



Lennart Nilsson said...

I see that you now have changed the link... but it still doesn´t work :-(((

/Apmel *sobs*

Nadine Nozaki said...

Now, I think it works and thanks for all the images.

Lennart Nilsson said...


Now it works, but I still don´t see me on your bloglist :-)

/Apmel *hugs*

Viola Gemini said...

Awww thank you Nad! Had a great time :)

Nadine Nozaki said...

I don't understadn the blogger stuff... I came form Google reader somehow....