Blood poisoning, part V

Fifth part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II, III and IV. When we start Nadine and Xerxis have just figured out that Inde is Inde. And are wondering why he lies about his identity.

As I call him Pablo, Picaso, Inde with definite anger in his voice snaps back at me, "It's Paco Pablo.. and I'm not a liar... I'm a dragonfly protector... I live in poppy fields". I study him somehow he don't make the impression of lying even if I know he is doing it, I just can't put my mind into what is happening.
"Ok" Xerx, starts and then make a long, pause like almost forever, "Mister Pablo" in this you can hear her being sarcastic, "Can you remember freeing from the cage in Mistresses dungeon?"

Inde continues his blabbering not making sense, "i've never been here before". Xerx presses him, "When did you came here then?". "right before she cuffed me", he points at me. I have lost my temper something is wrong, Inde have no fucking memory at all. We have to become drastic, I so hope Xerx will understand me. I pull my nightstick "Back off mister", I see terror in his eyes as he back off, "Give me your gun Xerx." I see Xerx worry as she hands me her gun, I aim at Inde, as she asks me her voice questioning me, "What...are you want with it, Mistress?" "You can't go in there armed". My answer satisfies her and I see her take the small backup gun form her back hands it over to me. I take it and open the door slowly, "dont shoot me... i'm innocent.. noooo".

Xerx walks slowly into the cell talking calming to Inde, "I am not armed....at least not with a gun." she turns at me, "And now, Mistress? Take his blood?". As the cell door closes I holster my gun, "Get into his soul, see if you can fix his memory." I see Xerx shrugging, "my memory is fine", inde protests, "Erm if you say so", "you wanna erase my memory so I cant report you for entrapment", he counters, "Oh good idea, should i, Mistress?". "You might take out the parts Hilda object..." I say as I watch Xerx get into work. She presses him towards the wall, "Ok, ...paco...stay where you are", he whimpers back, "Noooooo! dont hurt me". Xerx calm as always "Yessss, It dun hurt ....much". "Are you sure??" he is shrinking as xerx gets ready and pushed her hand onto his back "I am to 80% sure, now dont whine".

Xerx fist pressing against his chest, "AAaaaaa...that really hurts!!". "Come ooooon didn't even do anything yet" she say as her hand passes into his chest, "Gawd" she whimpers and looks like she is going to vomit all over him. Never seen her like that before. "Its full of bugs and spiders, its a junkyard in here." I asker her "He lost it?" my mood goes down "Well I would say something put a mixer in it and messed it up." what did she mean with that, but most importantly "Can you fix it? And how?" my worries for my friend of what left of him obvious. Xerx concentrates and despite the state of his mind digs into it.

"Hmm im digging deeper..." a brief pause "oh here, you where right...he liked it" she can't keep from giggling "ho geeeze blood. somehow he is full with visions of blood ....but no inde". I reply surprised "Someone stole Inde?".

"No the soul itself feels like indes still, but something messed so terribly with his mind that its not recognizing itself." she tries to explain my question is as simple as it's clear "How do we heal him?", my eye beg to Xerx to have a solution, "I feel though....hiding, fear of getting caught I dunno, its not a soul thing, its...well I would say more mechanical...maybe chemical..."

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