Blood poisoning

Roleplay logs form malka

Background: The blood pool in malka have been poisoned, the sample taken have shown that angel dust have been dropped into it. No one know who and why. We are running short of blood and d3MentiA Chief of Police, Nadine are working hard to find the responsible.

After a long day hunting for anything that could lead me close to getting the people that dropped the angel dust in the blood. Tired and with my feet hurting I come home. As I'm about to finally get a shower and some clean clothes on, walking tired into malka a stranger appears. A stranger impossible to ignore, dressed in or undressed in. I take in the order my eyes noticed, gasmask, feather boa, ripped boxers, really dirty socks and not the best matching sneakers. I lift my eyes again, shit more work passes throw my brain as I hear him say, "evening ma'am", I nod back a "Hi there". There is something familiar about them man. But what, while deciding what to do I deride to keep him busy talking. "Welcome to malka."

- Thanks, i've never been here before. But I can hear he is almost laughing behind his mask. Finding it hard to believe him I try to size him up, I hear him self continuing calling him self Paco. I get the cuffs into my hand, the cold metal making me feel safe somehow, knowing I have the law on my side. I ask him to take the mask off, something he refuses. He looks strong, the small talk make me sure he is crazy. Dangerous for sure, and no backup around. Don't dare using the radio now, he is to close will hear. The panic button? No, I have to little, just a hunch. I have to trick him. My voice runs on professional, I hear my self asking, "You know any angels?" I get a lie back, "nope, no angels... I met a few demons thought".

I remember something, don't I still have the dynamite in my belt, yes it there. And the burner, still warm. Good, keep talking distract him. Ask something proving keep his mind occupied, "So you say your first time here, not been here fighting before?" Look like it worked, I hear the fizz, "no, I don't do any fighting, I'm a peaceful man", my mind adds yeah sure right, as I flip the dynamite towards the wall. He says "maybe I should go, you look busy here", shit explode, I count in my head, 4, 3, 2, 1, then as the explosion goes off, throw my self at him, I get his arms and while cuffing I presses him to the ground. The feeling of luck can't leave my body as he is cuffed without resistance.

Holding him down I start to search for weapons, "hey, get your hands off me, i didnt do anything" he tries to get out of the cuffs, I tell him not to move, stop to lie and hopefully this be over soon. He refuses to talk, "i'm not talkin'", and tries to distract me with the tail, darn lowlife, my patience if getting really low now, pulls his hair, and cuffs him to me, god he cant run, jail next for him. Never looks good to beat someone up in the street. He already scream for help and about police brutality, I pull him up, mostly by the hair, he know who is in charge now. I restart the interrogation, "Shall we start over again, What is your name?", he does prove he lies, hesitating and not remembering his name, "uhmmmm..what was the one I gave you?" first the second time now he remember his name, but decides still to lie. "Paco, that's my name" such a shame, "Paco Pablo", he adds, as if a repeated lie make me happier. We reach the corner into the square, quick look around no one around. Small push and he walks in the wall, "Watch your steps, be carefull, you might get hurt."

Now the bastard start to complain the cuffs are to tight as well. "these cuffs are too tight", "dont you have softer ones", what does he think lie to me and I take him on a nice picnic? I show him hard cuffs, if I press I should be able to get them three maybe even four steps harder. Only got two, maybe they was a little hard already. Well he know what hard are now. He keeps his stupid lies all the way to the jail, fuck I'm tired of these small time crocks. So it's overtime tonight, but first a shower. As soon he is in the cell I run for a shower and some fresh clothes.

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