Blood poisoning, part III

Third part of the Blood poisoning, part I and II. When we start Nadine and Xerxis are interrogating inde, not yet knowing his identity.
- "Why did yo have the gas mask?" I stare at the man.
- "I told you that too, I heard there was a contamination of some kind in the city I'm just being careful." This is definitely a lie, or at least a lie to some part.
- "Careful form the angel dust?" I look at him and try to feel his reaction to angel dust.
- "Well its not the air that is contaminated. You don't need a gasmask." I hear Xerxis add, not sure I liked her to share so much information at this point.
- "I've never even seen angel dust, I wouldn't know what it looks like" he tries t9o get him self out of it.
- "But you knew it was angel dust"
- "no you told me"

As I say this my hand reach down over his underpants, I let my finger into one of the rips, I feel the tear betting bigger.

- "no, no clue at all.." I see his eyes widening, and is there not a small red colour below the mask, I need to take the mask off him soon. But when I need him to fear again. While grabbing his manhood throw what ever panties he have on I ask. "and you choose a Gas mask and no clothes?" He is back to mocking me with his answers, "I'm wearing clothes, you're aware of that aren't you?" He really like to call ripped panties and a feather boa clothes. I hear him gasp the grip on him having the intended effect. "I bet you was here to release something in the air, like angel dust", he almost scream back, "Noooooo! i'm peaceful i dont wanna hurt anyone". I look into his eyes, "So you not mind me searching you then.", his response is what I like to hear "do i have a choice at this point?" he finally understood, do as I say in the only way out.

- "Take his shoes first, and then we dispose hims. These colorful things are no doubt precious for him" good thinking girl. She addresses him, "You could just take the shoes off, Mister."
- "i like my shoes, and besides i'm cuffed and dont wanna get a beating for moving", time to remind him who is in charge again.
I grab firm around his ball, knowing what fear this will struck into his body, "Do is the officer say" I add to make him feel the seriousness. As my hand gets his ball he start to kicking his shoes off. Definitely the result I wanted.
- "Wasn't that hard was it", I reward him with loosening the grip over his balls, massaging them, as I grab the gasmask. I see him closing his eyes as hard he can like a child trying to hide from the world, he have something to hide. Now it's time to drive him down the road of fear. I lean my body against him feeling him against my body making sure he feels my soft body. My lips almost touch his ear as is whisper "You not scared of me are you...." I can feel all his body being reacting in fear, he nods slowly at me, the hair on his neck rising. "You afraid to die?" I grab and start to remove the canister from the gasmask, each revolution slow, really slow making it feel like an eternity. He keeps nodding, as he could not do anything else. "You tell me your name". He holds onto the lie of "Paco Pablo", I add some pressure around the balls in my hands.

- "Should i go an dcheck mistress?"
- "Paco, in the registry?" I ask her I notice her working on the pda.
- "arrgh, please believe me i'm telling the truth"
- "no, not in files. in non of them, no criminal, no citizen, nothing", so he lies for sure.
- "then i've been erased, i'm right here" his lie comes a gain as taken from a bad movie.
- "Where did you say you live? Do you have any ID card? and if not, why?" Xerx is starting to interrogate, I can relax a second and gives his ball some blood again, lets the canister from the gas mask fall the the floor looks up at him.
- "i live in poppy fields with the dragonflies"
- "Poppy fields? where should that be, please?" her voice as cute as ever. Inside me i can't help but to smile. I hear the man crying from fear, begging for his life, "i dont wanna turn orange. please dont expose me to anything unnatural" I can feel his all being consumed in fear, he if probably to scared to lie. But still nothing he says make any sense.
- "poppy fields is on the other side of rainbow river. surely you've been on the rainbow river?"
- "Nope, Are you living in fairytale land, mister?"
- "if i am, so are you. youre right here"
- "rainbow river, next comes the land of holes"
- "see you've been there, that's where i got my shorts, if you know about the land of holes, why dont you know of the rainbow river and poppy fields" his blabbering start to get on my mind. I release his balls and starts to undo the straps of the gas mask.
- "Because i am NOT lucy in the sky with Diamonds Mister. and I also not ride yellow submarines"
- "yellow submarines? that's just silly" he must have lost his mind, I see him close his eye as hard he can scare of something.
- "I don't believe him Mistress. He knows Wainbow river , but has no idea that you need a submarine to travel to the land of holes", I can hard keep my self for laughter as I remove the mask.

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