Blood poisoning, part VI

Sixth part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II, III, IV and V. When we start Xerxis have just digged her self into Indes mind, finding it in a total mess.

I stare at Xerx, "Is he drugged?" I ask her that not fitting the Inde I know. "something....hmmm...in his brain.... yeah might be drugs" she tells me. "I need a blood sample" I order her into the next part of the work. With a quick "Yes Mistress" she removed her hand with a little of his soul and takes out a syringe from her satchel. I can see how used he is, one hand searching the bag, the other keeping Inde against the wall. She have full control over him, oh I love that girl. Inde tries to pull, Xerx takes the needle to her lips the cup of the needle stays between her lips as she moves the needed in position to. Sticks into Indes arm and with out releasing the pressure on him she fills the needle with blood.

She pulls out the needle, his arm dripping with blood as she puts the syringe back into her satchel. She tells him "Ok then, that's it." We have about when we need, it's not terrorist, it's Inde even if his brain is messed up. "What do you think shall we keep him till we know how to heal him?" Xerx comes over to the door, while Inde massages his arm after the needle. "Hmmmmm in his actual condition, I would say we should keep him. At least until we know what's going on". I nod at Xerx as I let her out of the cell. "I mean he could as good be the one who poisoned the bloodpool." Not that I believe Inde could ever do anything like that. I raise my voice, "Inde, come here. Or was was it Paco Bell come here".

- "I'm not this Inde! my name is Paco Pablo" he replies, "yeah sure" I find my self adding for my self, keeps from saying loud and instead continues "What ever come here back against the door", as i can see he is not making any indication of moving I continue and starts turning form the door, "Suite you self, you can keep the cuffs". It have the intended effect and he comes crying to the door. I takes the cuffs off him, I try to calm him "Sorry we keep you till we know how to heal you. And next time don't resist"

He keeps rubbing his wrists, maybe I was a little hard on him. "You're not going to leave me in here are you? I'm innocent". "No not leave we be back with food", I reply as I start to leave him, I hear him bang on the door, "lemme out" he screams. As I turn I see the back room. There should be some old clothes in there. I go inand is able to dig out a tee and a possibly fitting jeans. With that in my hand I look at the cell again, Xerx next to me "I even believe that paco is innocent. But there is something that inde had to hide, So we keep him", I nod at Xerx as I throw inde the jeans, "Dress" I order him.

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