Blood poisoning, part IV

Third part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II and III. When we start Nadine and Xerxis are interrogating inde, not yet knowing his identity.
If his madness about yellow submarines was funny a second ago. It stopped. I take a step back as silent as the man, his eyes closed hard holding his breath face turning red. This is bad, what happened, what will Hilda say. My brain fills with questions, I hear Xerx asking eagerly "Do we know him, Mistress?". The man cant hold his breath any more and whimpers out a cry for help, "i'm gonna turn orange!!" Xerx outside not having seen the man, she is almost bouncing to see who it is, "Who is it?". Take a form step towards the door, gives Xerxis the order to let me out. The man turns behind me as the cell door locks with a clank. Xerx order him to turn and then she catches a glimpse of his face. "Cooooool we got Inde".

- "I'm gonna be orange", Inde starts to cry.
- "Noooooo! its our blood not the air. no one turned orange anyway. I mean not our blood, the blood in the pool. You didn't drink from the pool, did you?" Xerx takes charge my brain still occupied on what to tell hilda. I wisper to Xerx, "Hilda kill me if she"
- "i didnt even get into the city before i was abused" he replies shaking his head. As i tell xerx, "I found him by the door".
- "Abused?"
- "she exploded me", he replies waving his hands at me. walking nervously around outside the cell.
- "I arrested you for lieing. What are you name?"
- "i was telling her the truth, i'm Paco Pablo"
I shake mu head at him, a sad expression in my face "No your not..." seeing a friend like this hurts, badly.
- "i am Paco Pablo", he is sure of him self, something is really wrong.
- "explooded?" then she turns to me, "you blew him off?"
- "i was just standing there and then BOOM!! and i'm on my back in cuffs"
- "I think he lost it. I distracted him with one of these" I get a dynamite stick from my belt and show Xerx.
- "Oh, he is plem plem. I think we should better take him to a hospital. Or a psychatric clinic"
- 'see she admits it, she abusive' he adds with raised eye brows.
- "Well this is not really abuse when Mistress tricks you......"
- "entrapment!!" he screams.
- "abuse is what does with me w" she goes silent a second, and then continues "ok another sorry. Yes entrapment is part of the police work"
- "No, BASTARD" he screams, I can't really think we have to do something.
- "Speaking of abuse. If you give him my cage again.....may I then at least play with him a bit?", Xerx asks me.
I look inde over my eyes goes down a little, "I think he liked it."
- We have a better lock now.
I can see the face turn red on inde, his eyes flickers and goes down, "'that doesnt mean i liked it". I can't help but to smile at him, "I believe that about as much as you Pablo, Picaso"

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