Blood poisoning, part II

This is the second part of Blood poisoning.
Luckily I have a shower at the police station, no way I would been able to take my self home. It been so much overtime since this terror attack on malka. As I get my self out of the shower I hear someone arriving, I can't take wrong on those foot steps and my mind fills with joy again. I turn around in the shower and there she in my vice chief Xerx, good as I step of of the shower and gets a warm smile and a hug I tell her "I love that but i need you with sacel and police uniform." I quickly dress and grabs her hand for a second of you as I drag her over to the cells.

Even before we are down the man screams at me, "hey, lemme out of here", he notice Xerx following me in his deluded state of mind he asks, "or is this my cell mate? Cute". As Xerx present her self, "Hey! there, I Xerxis, and I'm police officer", his smile disappears a second. I hand my weapons to Xerx and order the prisoner stop step into the cell. "Stand back prisoner", I get a mocking response, "What?! how can I escape if I'm away from the door?" I feel all the good mood hugging Xerx gave me leave my body, I take up the nightstick and repeats clearly, "Stand back from the door", I hear Xerx ask "Why does he wear a gasmask?" I should have briefed her, what was I thinking, well to late. At least the nightstick have the intended effect and the man steps back, I feel Xerxis support in my back as go into the cell, the door closing with a loud clanking sound.

Once again the interrogation starts all over, "Ok what was your name this time?", still lies, "I told you, my name is Paco Pablo, I'm innocent", innocent my ass i add for my self. I grab for the gasmask, he tried to evade me, I can see the tiny hairs in his neck rise and I feel the fear in my prey, good that is something I can use. His body hives with fear, and I notice the nipple rings he wear, lets see how he reacts on pain. I grab and pull in the ring repeating to him "So your name was Stupid Boy". I see his eyes flicker the body trebling, good he feels pain, why don't they just talk. I tell Xerx to get a syringe out and prepare to take his blood. I feel him panic in my arms, pushed him across the room and hard into the cell door. He screams in fear, "Noooooo! Holy crap!", and starts to cry. I press him towarde the door, wondering why he is familiar, "You talk now boy... No more lies....", still he lies, "i'm not lying, i'm Paco!!"

As I feel him cry, time to change, time to confuse. I stop pressing him against the door, my finger run gently over his chest, feeling his body fight the fear and pain. With my softest voice I keep asking him, and i get something "i wanna go home to the poppy fields and run with the dragonflies" he sobs in front of me. Telling something I can believe in good, reward him. "That i did belive", my fingers lightly stroking his chest, it feel nice, I focus again on work. "So why did you come to malka to spread angel dust". I'm not sure if his response is a lie or not, "i dont know anything about angel dust". Time to bait him give him something to look forward to "You tell me who gave you the angel dust and I give you a good time here...".

"i dont know anything about angel dust", and then he adds like pleading for his life, "honest". That might be true, then he continues "i dont know any angels, and i dont do drugs" I get the feeling he lies again, "Now THAT i dont believe", i hear xerx add, my fingers gently trace there way down over his chest, I smile and look up to him leans my head to the side, "Of course you don't and they did force you" I feel him shaking in fear and confusion he is close to cracking. I can feel his his tense tummy under my fingers. I lightly almost like a lover strokes his belly keeping him confused.

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