Blood poisoning, part VII

Sixth part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II, III, IV, V and VI. When we start we are just dressing Inde up again after have tested his blood and soul.

Inde studies the pants I given him, "what do I do with these? they're so long", but he still even if reluctant takes them on while grumbling and looking at us. When he finally have them on he sais, "Ok, there". I thrown him the tee I collected with the words, "You might need it I can get cold here". His face frowns at me but he takes it on. As he gets it on he walks over to takes his shoes back on. As if to demonstrate he not like my offer of clothes, while he does Xerx give him a little warning, "Oh and when you hear something like screams and strange ritually tonight. Dun worry" as she finish this she looks at Inde's feather boa and asks him "Looks almost human, just....come on, gimma that stola". Something he care about the "noooo" scream almost instant. Xerx giggles and much him a little "i wannit......i like it actually". I grab Xerx hand as we walk up to fill out the paperwork. After finishing the work I go out with Xerx to relax at the bar. What a day.

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