What is a newbie?

What is a newbie? That is a good question. Wikipedia claim's "A newbie is a newcomer to a particular field, the term being commonly used on the Internet, where it might refer to new, inexperienced, or ignorant users of a game, a newsgroup, an operating system or the Internet itself." Is then I a newbie? Thats is a good question, many times it feel new and lost. But then I rand into others, that are new and lost. I'm starting to give the ones that are polite a helping hand around SL. I guess that that will disqualify my self from being a newbie. I still however hasn't been able to get a steady job. I can't make my poseballs, and I don't know anything about land and building.

Chrome doesn't think of me as a newbie at least, that's good, I think. She even told me not to where the newbie tag any more. I can understand that as we helped this newbie girl getting into the game.

I was planning to write about DAZ Studio. How I can't get animations from there into SL, or rather how strage the animations looks in the preview windows. But it feels that this ery became to long without the details. But is there any one that have a tutorial for DAZ and Second life? Please help me. I have figured out that you have to to something special in the first animation frame. That is make it tha standard basic pose, but one leg still shows upp totally wrong? Can there be something with exported movement limits? or Something like that.

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