Building again, Jewellery

It's been a good day, even if RL took most of the SL time away. I was looking at making a new look, for little warmers days in the edga of the city and going into the parties at night. I had this little nice mini-skirt, and a nice jacket to match with. But as I looked there was something missing. The belly, it needed something. So I either had to look at a tattoo or a piercing. Well the tattoo, needed much work, but a small ring in the belly, how hard could it be? Not hard at all. I I made one up. I'm thinking about adding some bling to it. But I'm not sure that it's the right way. On the other hand adding bling will need some scripting, and that would be a nice way to learn that. I also all day have been thinking about the animation challenge
that Chrome gave me. I can't even decide how I want it to look, what movements, what poses to look at. Everything I think I have decided and starts to work, something doesn't feel right, there must be a better way. Maybe I tries to hard, maybe it's just that I want it to be something special.

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