My first second life update.

SL got updated, or rather yesterday on the 17 when everything was down. There was a new client and I guess lots of stuff on the servers, Why else so long down time. So how was it *giggle*. Well for me the first thing was that every once in a while everything just froze. For a couple of seconds, now and then the whole application froze. Then I got thrown out of SL at least twice. And I'm not sure that I fond any of the updates.

However, I did something in SL, running around. I was planning to make my self a nice holodeck, or computer. To carry around and make looking cyberpunk even better. However as the freezes seamed to be worse when objects got created. Trying to do anything in the sandbox on Help Island was frustrating. So instead I randomly jumped around the world, trying to find some new friends. With any good luck, maybe I was uninspired or something else. But I got something else completed, or maybe not completed but just over the bar. A image of me in my the nice looking outfits. I used the place Chrome took me to the other night and took some photos. Then a quick round in gimp and it was one image. So from the left it me, I'm dress in the black coat, in the middle my school uniform and to the left something a little more burlesque. I usually use the first two outfit most or the time, so if you see me I probably look something like that.

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