Now I have got my first working animation into the game. Using QAvimator. It's a simple free program that is specially developed to send files up to SL. However the recommend program for the work is poser. Poser is however not cheep, it costs much money so I tried The cheep solution. The program works well but after saving into the bvh format the SL uses. All key frames are lost. That makes it hard to work further with the files. It has one more file format to work in but I haven't tries that at all yet.

I also downloaded the gratis version of DAZ studio. But I didn't get into understanding how to work with the model in there. I guess that it's more powerful and can do more magic to get it looking good. How ever the result, well as single poses it works. But I have to work on the animation part. Also I have to focus on what the animation is about. The movements was to large for a basic posture. Well back to the drawing board with that one. But I know know how it work, that it works. The only down side is the L$10 for each animation...

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