An intresting day

An interesting after noon. After running around mostly with out plans I got invited over to Lonsdale, but just as I arrived Chrome asked me over to an other place called Bears, something, it's always fun to be with her so I took that one instead. Arriving there I almost didn't recognize Chrome, she was dressed in a traditional Japanese dress. Sure looked stunning, but not really like Chrome, however after chatting a little she got the topic into guns. The talk ended up with me having another couple of weapons. A MINI gun so big I don't have word for it. But somehow a gun like that, with my black out fit. As this was going on the cane a stupid player to the area, jumping on everybody, playing disturbing sound. Pushing everyone around. Then he even picked up a car to push more people around quicker. That pissed of Chrome, big time. She almost started a war, or did she start a war. Well it ended with a bunch of abuse reports. I forgot to take pictures during that so you have to live with an image of my second try on making a small holodeck. The shape is almost ok, but I like more rounded corners, maybe a little bigger and definitely some other texture. I need to learn more about scripting now, as I understand one can add stuff to the user interface, or HUD, and from there make things easier to control. I think it should be nice if that holodeck could put up an interface to make good looking unarmed fights. But that will be a long way into the future.

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chrome said...

ohh Nadine - this is the way griefers have to be cared of: shoot them in the head :)
BTW: you did a great job too!