Guns, Guns, Guns

I was in SL to find a nice area where I could take some more pictures to the blog, a nice light background for the black outfit. When I ran into an old friend of mine Chrome, after talking a little about all strange stuff that exists in the world, she came into weapons. As I don't know anything about that, she agreed to give me a short lesson.

She took me to a place, where it was possible to test the guns, and gave me three weapons. One of them a light-sable, I got some instructions in how to use the weapons, but I still don't know if I really understands it. Then she also gave me a shield and had a demonstration of how her weapons worked. The first one wasn't that strong, so the shield worked. Then she killed me with one shot from the other gun. Sure that was an experience.

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ChuChu Ricardo said...

Very original and as usual with everything else you do - very beautifully done. (5 stars)

Wish you all the best.
Love, ChuChu