I made my first poseball, using a new animation that I just created. The animation takes a step forward and sits down. Then bows and ends up sitting. I call this seiza, but I don't know how correct that Japanese is. The pose ball was made from a single round prim, and a script that I had fond. The script was more complicated that I has guessed. But then it made it real easy to make the posball. No need to change or look at the script, just add the animation to the contents, and edit a note in the ball. Making balls like that and I won't learn how to script. But I'll save time and make more and better animations. This one i think looked better in the game than in QAvimator. There are several parts of the animation that can be made better, but on the other hand maybe it's works. Talking about QAvimator, I found out that saving in the other format .avm, keeps the key frames and other things that are in the animation. You can also use place out prims in the world there. They stay in there position and can be used to make sure that the point you are moving around stays still when changing the animation. It's an easy tool to use but you have to do most of the animation your self.

And thanks to chrome for the first comment.


Epony said...

I used QAvimator when I first started SL, but completely forgot about it. Must have another go - just need to think of an interesting animation.

I'm sure Chrome will have some ideas ... :-)

chrome said...

best is really to use "Poser" animations, There are free trials which work 30 days.
Can't wait to see more from Nadine :)