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Chrome @ Bear
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If even for just a brief moment in time. The evening was one of mixed emotions. First I hear from slow that Chrome made it online. My hopes to see my sister soon rose, but then not today. After running around SL I got invited to a concert finally after several TP tried got there. Having been there for two of three tunes, something yellow, started flashing, the name got my attention and I rushed to answer.

[13:30] Chrome: naaaadine
[13:31] Nadine Nozaki hugs you, Sis :-)
[13:31] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Darn i hated SL now, but she came on again, I'm at Bears.... Start to TP, nothing.... Chrome tried to TP me in... Nothing... My frustration's for SL grew, OK final try, offline, and login with locations Bear, must work.

Got on line, No friend at all online, darn SL bug, But I was at bear, thats good. Ran up to hug Chrome... No ware to be found, looked around, No Chrome. And the friend list still empty, even thou I could see some of them around me. Now I REALLY HATED SL.

Sat down, waiting, she might get online again... Waited, waited and waited... No Chrome, no sis, just about as I was about to give up. A small notice in the chat, "Chrome is Online" where, where, hope she didn't start at her home. Looked around didn't see her... Wondered if it would be rude to use the LM to her home now... The world was in slow motions, then something dark appearing, could it be... Yes, Chrome, I didn't ever brother to say hello before I was in her arms.

I never was passionate about SL before, or at least not that I noticed it before. I left SL with a great feeling, talking to Chrome until the Internet café closed felt really good. Know I know she will come on line, I will see her before September, I'm a much happier girl. Thank you Chrome for coming on line in shall German Internet cafés.


chrome said...

Heya Nadine,

thanks so much for this nice post. And even more... for coming to bears. Made me so happy too!
I will always find ways to be online - how hard it might ever be :)
Kiss to my sis

PS: that pic is really sweet

Nadine Nozaki said...

Nadine smiles at her sis, I'll drop almost anything to be with you. I'm so happy you didn't showed up while I was working. Then i would have been much harder to come as quickly.

The image hardly reflects your power you emits. And getting the light good at Bear is so hard.