Moving home

New Home
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki.
I have finally got my self a home outside Ross infohub, Using Ross as home have with the increasing load on SL gotten harder and harder. And when Chrome told me she was thinking about getting hers and Chaos old place back, I asked if we could share the place as sister. My body trembling as I got my self courage to ask her, and she love the idea and have not dared to ask me.

So now I'm getting to be even more busy in sl. I have to learn how to build stuff, much better, how to texture it well, I got some music connected to the parcel. I have to get the access list working, none of my friends can enter the place at the moment, but on the other hand it's only a flat sand bed at the moment. It will be son fun, and my sis, with me on this. I also get to sit about an hour just talking about everything with here while she destroyed the firewalls at her work. We had to end talking when she removed her internet connection totally.


vint said...

Congratulations. When it's (sort of) fininished, I want a guided tour!

Nadine Nozaki said...

Thanks, I will give you a tour soon, that I can probably get some idea from you of how to make a good photo studio.