Quiet Move

It's have been to quiet here, I know, sorry for that fans :-) I have been to busy inside SL negleting my friend and just trying to make something that looks like a home. I have finally finished something that vaguely resembles a house, to some extent. I have been ably to add some small scripts thane make the windows more or less transparent, I got some tips from Chrome on redusing the number of prims in the house. I found some details out my self.

There is still some work with the house, I have to fix many of the textures, that also menad making some special adapted textures to fir the house. I also got an idea from one of the cool tools that widowmaker had to make a sit ball rezzer in the floor, so that each time some one sits down, a new poseball is added. That would be a good feature. And the lights has her get adjustable. I can't understand why that script didn't work.

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vint said...

Something like that hug circle thingie but with sitting poses? (Read: I remember how to do the group hug again, you need the group hug circle thingie! ;))