Secone earth, roleplaying

Nadine, with bow
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki.

My friend Widowmaker is a real roleplayer. While TP's was down and I was stuck without getting out to any of my favorite places. I ended up asking him for a little help to get out of the sim i was in. As direct TP requests still works better that got me out. I ended up with my MP5 on the back in a small looking midevil dinner room. One can say that I looked a little out of place. Then he gave me a short introduction to the place and a little better blue dress. We talked a little and I deiced to try out the place, doing some roleplaying. I felt like a helpless little town, farmer girl, never could be Nadines place, so I ended up deciding on being a elven fighter, huntress, bodyguard. We went out and did some shopping, I got my self, bow, sword, and a chain mail. Before we returned and i got some introduction to how the stuff worked.

As we did that out of noware, a character arrived, and started shooting at the range as well, but using us two as targets, I didn't understand anything until widowmaker started to scream run and headed for the town, I did my best and ran after him, in to the town and around the town without really knowing my way. Somehow I ended up just inside the wall again when the rest on the town have risen to there arms. With there help the goblin was finally killed. That was an exciting start on me roleplaying experience.

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