Family check

Ran & Nadine
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki.
We have adopted sweet little Ran into our sisterhood. It feel good to have one sister on line now when chrome spends to much time at work or looking of some kind of Internet café. Welcome to our family and I hope we can make a good time for you, and if you behave you might even get a small hut on our family estate.

I have been real busy working with the estate, you my first own textures added to day. One of need more work but it's better that nothing. Even in texturing there seams to be much work. But using smart textures and some alpha-channels saves many prims. I have to make new textrues fro all the windows in my house as well.

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chrome said...

oh I think Ran will be a very good sister and an enrichment for our small family