One month, how long is one month?

In SL the difference now with one month experience is huge. Maybe partly to that I spend most of the month online. I can still remember when I first came in, not able to walk in the direction i liked to, running around bumping into everything. The niceness that people has to me, the thee gorgeous outfits that I got on Introduction Island. Still the base of most my clothing, how Chrome, took care of me and showed me around the place.

Then the changes, step by step, getting into life in SL. Leaning to earn some money, getting some work. How Chrome forced me not to have the "Newbee" tag anymore, how I started to help others coming into SL. The time has had up's and downs, hours has flown by, minutes has taken ages. SL is buggy, SL has lag, SL has greifers, but still the inhabitants, keep me online, just a little more than I have time for everyday. Friends I love YOU!

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chrome said...

Happy birthday Nadine!
we all love you too
YOurs, Chrome