How to run a club, or not?

Yesterday, Club Sweetsister got deleted, and leveled to the ground. All the dancers got removed from the group with what I should say no information at all. I guess that they have to rework the concept of the club. If you like to have staff some every night and work 4 hours they need something for that. To get the economy running you need customers, mostly paying customers. You then need to work them into paying for something. The club had some problems in the layout. With dancers on poles on the second floor in the back of the club. These position was out of range for talks to the door, you had to get into IM to greet the customers, you needed to zoom your view away from your self to see how entered and left the club. Then you missed how came close to your self. Not that customers should come close to the poles dancers, something they didn't know.

Well I guess that I wont be working there for peanuts any more, this is Tina, the girl that got me into that place. I met her on her day 1 and helped her a little with some landmarks and tips on how the world was working. Took her to Sarah's freebee place and helped her getting some kind of outfit to start with. She was the one that broke the news to Sweetsister, and probably the one that got us all fired, I'm proud off her. Well the image suck, I know but the only one I have of her.