Animations and scripting

I have been busy working, and learning about SL all the time. Got my self three new dances,
two pole dances and one solo-dance. The solo-dance looks really good. But the pole-dances looks bad. They are stunning in poses and looks bad in SL. I guess that this blog-tutorial holds the answer to my problems. I have to try to get my self a new shape and test it out. Also for the dances i have made my self a pole, A 1 prim pole, Much smaller than any else I have seen in SL.

To make the pole work i started with the pose-ball script that i tried before. But it had many problems that made it unusable for the pole. Started with hiding the pole while dancing. But most of all it only supported one animation. So i sat down looking at scripting. I have now a script that can compile, written from scratch, but I hasn't been able to test it out yet. It's simple and much shorter than the original poseball script. It uses a dialog to choose animation. But I like to add a continuous mode that changes animation after the first one is ready. Then I thanks to Chrome got my self a job yesterday, as dancer at the halo-club. There dance poles changes animation with shift and left, right, thats a good idea that I must add to mine.

I also think that I have improved my photo skills, much thanks to a short chat in darkcity with one of the shop owners there. A really good SL photographer, and that takes skill. She talked about how she worked, a little. The backdrops, edited in photoshop, taken from SL images, I think is a little to much for me so far. But she mentions the light, we agreed on that the SL-light sucked. Then she said something about a studio, portable lamps, and i started thinking. SO for this image I override the SL light to complete darkness, and added a object with the light parameter sat, a little yellow in the color, I think that it made a huge difference. But still I have to work more on my studio technique, thats goes for both RL and SL.


Anonymous said...

hey with your poseball script did you finish it cause im looking for one at the moment but they all lack the ability to add more than one anim unless your stupidly rich in game! lolz

if you think i could get a copy please im me in SL
Mechrior Voyager

Nadine Nozaki said...

Well sort of, but it really didn't get any good. What kind of script are you looking for? Email me nadine.nozaki () gmail and come.