Blacklist and DJ Artillo went crazy

Blacklist Dancing
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki.

Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning went crazy at the black list. I got there a little before work. Well to be honest i tried to TP there for some 30 minutes first, thinking the place to be crowded. Then I finally got the TP throw. Just five minutes before Artillo was supposed to end. Well a short time and see whats he is up to can't be that bad. I nearly turned when the crows was only one, and she was as naked as the DJ. Lucky me I didn't.

Started to dance and enjoy the music, soon an other girl came, and both me and her got naked as well. I dragged in Maja that i was IM:ing and there was a small crowd. The music went on, we danced and suddenly I was late for work, again...

But it was a great start of valentines day.

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Artillo said...

I wonder what that crazy orange demon was doing up so late LOL

TY so much for mentioning me in the blog!!