RezzDay Party

Thanke all that came, I was SOOOO buzy in IM all night, I got about a TON of gratz I hope I didn't miss to say hello to more that half of you. The party got running a little late, Balp was on time and music up. But I had missed to decorate and drop out my R2D2. Finality 12:24PM R2d2 was out and started logging. And xerx opened the party with: "The audience is allowed to dance now *giggles*".

I think the only one R2D2 missed was Falcon Kaligawa and Meimei Meili.

[21:52] R2D2: Visitor List:
[21:52] R2D2: Iris Junot
[21:52] R2D2: Magitman Selona
[21:52] R2D2: Peter Stindberg
[21:52] R2D2: Sylia Lorefield
[21:52] R2D2: Liron Hannu
[21:52] R2D2: PetGirl Bergman
[21:52] R2D2: Marius Socke
[21:52] R2D2: Karoline Merlin
[21:52] R2D2: Balp Allen
[21:52] R2D2: Xerxis Rodenberger
[21:52] R2D2: JESSICA27 Constantine
[21:52] R2D2: Hyang Zhao
[21:52] R2D2: Apmel Goosson
[21:52] R2D2: Rosa Lisle
[21:52] R2D2: Jaciilyn Thatcher
[21:52] R2D2: Lizabeth Wingtips
[21:52] R2D2: Jo Soosung
[21:52] R2D2: Akira Undercroft
[21:52] R2D2: Torii Mocha
[21:52] R2D2: Gwen Sands
[21:52] R2D2: Catory Snoodle
[21:52] R2D2: Phantasmagoric Dreamscape
[21:52] R2D2: Joni Vargas
[21:52] R2D2: Michel Morane
[21:52] R2D2: ElLobo Nephilim
[21:52] R2D2: Vivna Wilberg
[21:52] R2D2: CodeBastard Redgrave
[21:52] R2D2: Alysa Paravane
[21:52] R2D2: Kari Niven
[21:52] R2D2: Luci Ferraris
[21:52] R2D2: Bella Wilberg
[21:52] R2D2: Sirena Spitteler
[21:52] R2D2: Nissa Nightfire
[21:52] R2D2: Khalya Slade
[21:52] R2D2: Chrome Nakamura
[21:52] R2D2: kina Yuitza
[21:52] R2D2: Dany Desideri
[21:52] R2D2: Mangala Taurog
[21:52] R2D2: Vaalith Jinn
[21:52] R2D2: Nika Neox
[21:52] R2D2: Dina Sakigake
[21:52] R2D2: Shye Kidd
[21:52] R2D2: Marika Blaisdale
[21:52] R2D2: Serra Absent
[21:52] R2D2: Sarah Nerd
[21:52] R2D2: Richard Paquot
[21:52] R2D2: Total = 46 + 2

Making 48 people


Peter Stindberg said...

Damn, I missed Sara!

Tina Dahl said...

..and Peter dident dare to ask me for a dance:-(