The Nadine Burglar Buster

Time to introduce the next step in roleplaying security system. The Nadine Burglar Buster is a alarm system that works in a way you never experience before. The system mimics a real life security system adding to the realism of your role playing experience.

On sale now in Meta-Life, slap, Apez, XStreetXL.

The Nadine Burglar Buster have been designed to work as an replacement for a security orb in environments where these are forbidden. Especially targeting the role-playing community. It is designed around realism, when an intruder breaks the laser sensors the alarms goes off. An klaxon siren and a light will alert anyone in the area of the intrusion. A small message will also be sent to the owner and other selected people that the alarm have been trigged.

The operation of the Nadine Burglar Buster is done by one or more keypads, this way you don't have to manage groups or keys. Just set up a code and send that out to the group. Entering the code will turn the alarm between active and deactivated.


  • Low prims
    • Central 1 prim
    • Klaxon 1 prim
    • Detector 1 prim
    • Keypad 2 prims
  • Realism
    • The Nadine Burglar Buster works as any alarm system in real life, this makes it fit in almost any role play environment.
  • Low lag
    • The Nadine Burglar Buster is activated on prim collision, this trigger is adds very little lag to the sim.

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