A new issue of the Swedish SL-Magazine Slainte is now out if you knew some swedish look at page 10, I have been writing again. This time more positive, it's a sort, well sort of short invitation to a event at Blacklist on sunday 20:00 Swedish time or 11AM slt, and now i hope i got teh time translation correct.'

As this blog in sin english I'l translate it for you.

On march 9 @ 11AM SLT, something new and exciting will happen, second lifes best and most popular punk and rock club will make a Swedish effort. By getting two really good DJ with a large rage of Swedish punk music some light will be spread on the important Swedish music style. The initiative to this festival comes from Balp Allen , as when he was on a longer trip feel that to little time was given to the Swedish punk. Swedish music as such gets played, but way to little of the punk, especially towards an international audience. TO try to make a small break in this Blacklist will have a four hour Swedish punk gala, you can be sure some old style like Ebba Grön, Attentat will be heard and probably some new music by Asta Kask. I can't give any guess on what is going to be played, but Balp usually plays some Asta Kask and Sjofin often have MOB47 on her sets. I think it's brave to run this event as most of the audience can't understand a word of the lyrics.

DJ Info:
Balp Allen, have been a year in second life, he now plays regularly at three different clubs. Mostly his sets contain Punk, Rock and Goth music. Since the first week in January he have two regular sets a week at Blacklist. Balp is from Möldndal but now lives across the border in Gothenburg. (A note, The towns of Gothenburg and Mölndal have today grown together.)

Sjofin Oh, is an American girl girl that during several years lives in Sweden, she have however left Sweden for Switzerland. She usually plays a mix of Punk, Rock and Hardcore. She is since long one of the regular DJ at The Blacklist.



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