Party on, Folks

First a huge HUG to all friend that showed up at the party. Thanks for coming, we have a great time with you all. I have to thank one guest especially much, Atrillo. You did a great work playing, you impressed every one with your excellent DJ skills, you definitely are the greatest DJ in SL. I can promise that there will be more partied at the Sister's Hideout. I don't have time tonight but maybe on Monday. Big hugs and kisses from me and Chrome to all off you for showing up. Look at the picasa album for some of the snapshots i got. Please send me any good images you got during the party to my gmail, Nadine.Nozaki. Or just comment with a link if you have them on the web.

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chrome said...

It was a fantastic party and we all had so much fun... We will work more on our houses to have another reason to do the next party... with Artillo of course!!!!!! Special thanks to him also from me.