Check mate

Yesterday my little Sis say a poice car at bear that never moved and just was in the way, after a while she got a into the mood of playing or something. So she took her little main battle talk out, just to show the police how small his little police car really was. The that talk isn't BIG, it's HUGE, REALLY HUGE. I think she was able to get it down into bears, but now with out big problems and probably crunching some innocent newbies. Then we ended up in Kate's sim trying to find a good target for the main gun. I have never before seen any combat tank in SL and this one had a crew of three persons. I hope we can gat and play with that one more, and hopefully also get it into some kind of battle.

Look at the top image with me standing beside it, or how much space it's inside in the crew area, it's massive and really cool.

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chrome said...

Our little sis Ran is really a bad girl... But the hover tank is an impressive weapon - we have to do some serious combat with it!